Happy Birthday, Chase!

chase in party hat

Today is Chase’s Birthday! I can’t believe that my sweet little fur baby is 3 years old already!!

It seems like just yesterday that he looked like this:

chase smile

Isn’t that grin totally and utterly heart-melting??

I had always wanted a dog, so when Steve and I finally moved into an apartment that allowed one, I immediately started begging and pleading to go look at puppies. Steve was less than thrilled about the idea – but my persistence gradually wore him down and he agreed to “just look” at some puppies with me. Of course, you can never go and “just look” at puppies. That’s just silly.

We fell in love, took him home and he immediately became part of our little family. Now, three years (and many shoe casualties) later, we simply can’t imagine life without him.

Happy Birthday buddy!!

Chase face



Meet Chase, our almost one year old golden retriever who quite often mistakes himself for a human being. He came into our lives in July of 2009 when (as a result of my constant begging) Steve and I went for a drive “just to look” at some puppies. You know how the story ends. One look from this little guy and we were goners. And who wouldn’t be? Look at this face…..

Anyways, you’ll be hearing much more about the adventures of this furry flob in days to come.