Mango Carrot Smoothies

It’s a brand new year!

Steve and I are a few weeks into our New Year’s resolutions and I’m happy to say that this might be the first year that they actually stick! I think I’ve figured out the secret…

keep it manageable!

Previous years my resolutions would be really huge and really general:

Eat healthier.

Exercise more.

Be more efficient at work.

They were just to ambiguous to really stick. So this year, I picked a few specific things that I wanted to work on:

Eat breakfast every day

Incorporate more veggies with meals

Clear out my email inbox

……so far, so good!!

Smoothies have been a lifesaver for resolutions #1 and #2. Since I’m not typically a breakfast eater, it’s so much easier to just throw one of these in a to go cup and drink it through the morning! And we’ve been having a blast coming up with different yummy combinations!

So far, these are one of our favorites!

Mango Carrot Smoothies

1 mango, cubed (if you want, you can freeze them ahead of time and just blend them frozen)

1 cup carrot juice

dash of nutmeg

1/2 cup ice cups (you don’t need these if you’re using frozen mango chunks)

Place all the ingredients into a blender and pulse until smooth.




  1. I fully endorse your decision/s! Breakfast and veggies are probably the best choices you could make, And that mango drink looks especially good; I like frozen banana and blueberries.

  2. Gram Quick says:

    I can remember the days of not bothering with breakfast, but now I love my bowl of granola first thing in the morning. Have you tried yogurt and frozen bananas?

  3. Well Mrs. Resig, you know how I am OBSESSED with breakfast, so this post pleases me!
    I’ve been meaning to pick up some kefir when I’m grocery shopping to throw into some smoothies…I’ll let you know how it goes and maybe it’ll make it’s way into your yummy smoothies for an added nutritional punch 😀

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